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Pre Marriage

True Care is certainly one of the best healthcare department to deliver client the reliable, doorstep or online confidential counseling session for wellness. We are certified in a variety of areas, such as depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, parenting, workplace, addictions, physical health, self-important, legal counseling, and pet therapy.


Marriage counselling is fundamental for the ones who will wed and also effectively wedded and confronting any sort of wedded life issues. The major issues of a married life should be focused on and solved as well. As Sometimes you get immovable as how to cope with the situation; there is need for marriage counselling. 

Enter the world of love and compassion by having our services at True Care. We are serving many happy clients for improving their marriage life. Our counsellors are carrying the experience in working with issues in marriage life.

Our counselling will help you out in increasing affection and reducing conflictions!


Divorce is the next best step when marriages don’t prevail in the long run. It is a for sure unpleasant circumstance and a scope of feelings including grief, confusion, anger, fear, shame, and anxiety might be experienced by the one or both the accomplices, regardless of whether either of the accomplices need to leave. Feelings of anxiety might be expanded if the kids are included.   Divorce Counseling is often taken to diminish the stress of divorce. Mentors help the couple in choosing whether they need to remain in the marriage or leave the marriage.  Get the help of therapists at true care that will provide a protected environment to investigate the patterns of both your individual and relationship behavior; they can enable you to push ahead in a way that feels good!

Re Marriage

Re-marriage is done to avoid the stress and the feeling of loneliness in life. Prior to tying a knot again, it is advisable to take re-marriage counselling to know the entire structure. Remarriage becomes more of a ‘want ‘once you have completely healed from the emotional and psychological trauma of divorce. When the second marriage is done out of want and not need, it can best withstand the test of times. 

The counsellors at True Care offer couples a strong threshold for future endeavors in life. We take utmost care that all your specific needs are addressed personally with top priority by highly professionalized experts!

For further information, you can visit our contact us page. Stay in touch with us!


If you are finding hard to cope with the situation of depression; don’t panic as a better treatment is available at True Care which is one of the best Counselling Center in Noida. Anyone who is suffering from the symptoms of depression can now easily get the benefits of our counselling services.

We provide a safe environment where an individual can talk freely about the problems causing depression. We help you towards your self-improvement and bring a positive change in your life.

Just contact us and hire an expert therapist from True Care, it is good for you as well as your family. To reduce your stress or depression, we are the best service provider; provide confidential Depression counselling in Delhi NCR.


Stress can be characterized as a condition of mental exertion,because of troublesome conditions. A state of prolonged stress can cause damage to our health;both in physical and mental aspects. It may also result in complete behaviour change.

If you often find yourself feeling exhausted and dazed, you need to protect yourself and take action to bring your nervous system back to balance.

On the off chance that you are seeking for any counselling session for overpowering stress, you are at the right place. TrueCare provides you the reliable and legal stress counselling services. In addition, we provides online counselling also that you may attend anywhere as per your convenience. 

We will be in touch with you over phone (audio call) or via video calls over skype and others.

Avail the benefits of our services and enjoy a hassle-free life.


Anxiety is a feeling actuated by sentiments like pressure, strain and stressed musings.It is a general term for various ailments that reason uneasiness, fear, wavering, anxiety, and stressing. This issue destructively influences how you feel and act and can cause physical side effects. 

Feeling anxious consistently can affect on your feeling of importance and satisfaction from life. It can also exacerbate you envision things are than they are and keep you from completing ordinary assignments.

It is the time to take action to protect yourself from this dangerous disease. For this True Care is here to help you out. We provide anxiety counselling services to our patients to lead a better life. Our panel of experts will aid you in any point of hindrance. Enjoy the benefits by contacting us. For any further query or information, you can visit our contact page.

Child Counselling

True care provides child counseling sessions for children of age group 3-11 years. Regardless of whether it is sadness or emotional well-being concern or issues with guardians or individuals at school; a conversation with the counselor can help to a great extent. It helps a child to deal better with his emotions and problems and produce a deep positive change.

Our psychotherapist support at true care is really amazing and rewarding. Our expert counselors try their best to aid you in every possible manner by applying numerous psychological strategies, plans, therapies, and techniques available. They are aware of the best approach that should be taken for child-rearing towards the right growth.

What are you waiting for? Avail the benefits by contacting us. For further inquiry or any relevant information, you can reach to us by visiting our contact page.

Parenting Counselling

Right from the birth to the maturity level, parent care is essential for mental as well as physical well-being of a child. The necessary support and guidance are vital for the overall development and this can be acquired right from an early stage.

Parents who are concerned about how to care for their child nurturing must attend our parent counseling that will be helpful for them to improve child-care skills.

The service of parent counseling offers you a path to nurture your child. We would like to appreciate our counselors at true care as their services are extremely amazing and rewarding. They try their best to aid you in every possible manner by applying numerous psychological strategies, plans, therapies, and techniques available.

Profit the advantages by reaching us. For further inquiry or any relevant information, you can reach to us by visiting our contact page.


The process of yoga can help you out in healing most of the life hampering problems like stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, traumatic disorders and many more…

We at True Care help and motivate the people by our yoga sessions that bring peace, harmony, positive thinking and energetic in their lives.

Simple things when done reliably once a day turn into a daily practice of your life and will enable you to accomplish something throughout everyday life. Teaching mental activities in your day by day schedule by distributing them a period of 10 to 20 minutes will be useful to keep your mind sharp over the long run.

If you are one of the seekers of such yoga sessions, feel free to contact us.


“Alan Watts”, once said, Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment.

Harmony is something which we as a whole look for yet don’t get effortlessly in light of the fact that our psyche is involved with different considerations and stresses that abandons us focused, fretful and on edge constantly. At the point when the mind shouts for harmony and the body requests vitality and relaxation, close your eyes and start practicing meditation. 

According to modern psychological research, one who practices meditation endeavors to get beyond the reflexive, “thinking” mind. True Care motivates the people by meditation sessions for acquiring a relaxed state of mind.

Don’t hesitate to contact us; visit our contact us Page.


Long working hours creates a gap between you and your family. Not only this, it hampers your mental peace and harmony and may lead to some mental illness. Some adverse effects result in depression, increasing weight, addiction to drugs and alcohols and anxiety.

It is found in a research that people who have an equilibrium state of workplace are happier than others. It is essential for your mental as well as physical well-being.

Just contact us and hire an expert therapist from True Care, it is good for you as well as your family. We are the best service provider; provides confidential corporate counselling in Delhi NCR.

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