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  • When you’re ill or not feeling well whom do you visit of course! a doctor because they know general human body problems and their treatment.
  • What if you don’t have any physical illness but you’re not feeling well, it may be because of your mental health condition. In such a situation, whom do you visit obviously a doctor, but what kind of doctor?
  • There were several specialists in this field like a cardiologist who treat heart diseases, gynecologists treat illness related to female reproductive organs, dentists are for your oral health, neurologists diagnose & treat issues regarding the nervous system, pediatrician specialist in child body, etc. But do you know the doctor for your mental health?
  • When you hear the psychology word what comes into your mind? A person who studies human nature or someone who has the capability to heal mental illness and make you at ease.
  • But today I want to take you into details with these terms that we are mentioning here that are ‘psychologist’, psychiatrist, and counselor these terms are from the same origin yet little bit distinct in their work. Let get down with proper definitions of these terms.
  • Psychologists are those who hold a doctoral degree for studying psychology i.e. study of behaviors and mind.
  • Psychiatrists are specialist doctors for mental illness. They diagnose and treat illness by taking physical aspects into account.
  • Counselor provides counseling session as they are mental health professional holds a master’s degree in mental disorders or related fields.
  • The ultimate goal of these is to keep your mental well-being and help you to lead a healthy life mentally and emotionally.

Why do you need a mental health worker?

  • You know when you need a doctor, right? It is when you feeling unwell or having any illness, it is also when you’re unsure about your medical condition. Doctors help to diagnose it and provide you treatment for the particular.
  • The treatment includes medication, therapy, and even surgery for some diseases. The same goes for mental health not that surgery one and medication are also for critical cases.
  • Our mind is part of our body yet different from it in terms of health. It needs medical attention like our other body part when it is affected by any illness or abnormal condition.
  • Because our mental health plays an important role as our physical health in our well-being. Whenever we feel unwell we seek medical attention by considering that condition shouldn’t get worse so why don’t we give much thought when it comes to mental health.
  •  Some people tend to think that mental illness is just an illusion that is overrated and can be back to normal with time. But what if it doesn’t? Or it can get worse with time who knows?
  • We can’t predict the outcome or coming situation, can we? Therefore, mental disorders need as much attention and treatment as other diseases to lead a healthy life.

When you should seek help from professionals for your mental health?

  • It is common to feel down sometime however you can’t be a morning chirping bird all day long or for a long time.
  • You’re human and it’s normal to go through the roller coaster of emotions as it is what makes us alive, we know our life is not a straight road to drive on and build with both kind of things that is positive and negative too.
  • However, it is concerning when your negative feelings prolong and affect your day to day life or your life long decisions.
  •  For that time you need to pay attention to your mental health, that is not the condition of your mind you should ignore it. You can hit the rock bottom if you will not be aware of the mental disorder if it there any.

There were several mental disorder diagnosed in human beings, some of them are

Depression- It is a disorder related to loss of interest in day to day life with depressed behavior or mood.

Anxiety- Strong feelings of fear or stress that can affect social norms.

Bipolar disorder- This disorder associate with mood swings from depressed to manic vice-versa.

Dementia- This disorder leads the person to memory loss and social impairment.

Autism- In this disordered person lose the ability to interact.

Schizophrenia- Hectic thoughts with abnormal behavior, thinking, and feelings.

Post-traumatic stress disorder- Abnormal emotions outflow after a terrifying incident one’s experience. 

Consult with an expert

  • If you’re living in NCR and struggling with mental abnormality which is depriving you of your daily routine then connect with us. We’re situated in Noida as True Care Counselling ready to serve patients like you.
  • Because we know what value your mental health hold in your life. We team up with the best counselors and psychologists in the region to provide you effective counseling sessions.
  • There is no need to struggle alone when you got the best option out there. Through psychotherapy, you can easily overcome your mental abnormalities, we can ensure you with counseling provided by our mental health experts.
  • Through counseling and psychotherapy, a number of disorders can be treated easily and some of critical illnesses need medication at their worsening state. Our session strengthens our services as they are free from bias and judgment because we understand your vulnerabilities.
  • There is no need to ashamed if you think you’re mentally ill, as every illness can be treated with a proper course of treatment.
  • We help you to understand your condition and consequences with solutions and make through sorting out causes of your condition.
  • We tackle issues in the most therapeutical manner with the best counselor and psychologists who carrying years of experience to handle the mental issues in the most effective ways along with happy clients which makes us the best counseling center in Noida.
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