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When habits go out of control and you start depending on them for surviving, then it can be referred to an addiction. It includes various activities or bad habits, such as taking drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, gambling, and so on. It can also have negative impacts on a person’s emotional well-being and physical health.

Basically, there are two types of addiction: Physical Addiction and Psychological Dependence.

Physical Addiction: This type of addiction may be stated as a biological state, in which the body adapts to the presence of addictive activities so that it no longer has the same effect. When the addictive activity is withdrawn there is a biological reaction occurred and this reaction causes in increasing the cravings and traps addicts.

Psychological Dependency:  Often people fall into gambling, drug abuse, alcohol addiction etc. for coping with the psychological issue. Since it happens on the basis of the psychological issue, so this kind of addiction is usually known as Psychological Dependence.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

It is very simple to recognize addiction by the following symptoms:

A decline in work performance

Ignore daily activities and other responsibilities

Change in sleeping and eating patterns

Anxiety and stress

Repetitive regression

Causes of Addiction

A combination of emotional, physical, and circumstantial factors cause addiction, some of them include:

Family Tensions

Mental health issues

Repetitive use of substances such as drugs and alcohols

Social and community environment

Childhood trauma

Stress and depression

Psychological issue

Getting Help for Addiction

If you are one of those person suffering from addiction due to bad company, then you need to take Deaddiction Counselling. The True Care Counselling is specialized in providing the counseling sessions to come out from such kind of critical situations.

Getting help or assistance for addiction, you can contact us, instantly!!

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