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Internship Psychology Program

At True Care, we have extensive internship and training programs that provides you with a vast range of career opportunities. Our interns will add smiles and harmony in life by approaching and organizing the events and programs at Corporate Offices, Institutions, Schools, RWAs and NGOs.

We are sponsored with exceptionally highly qualified professionals and renowned for delivering high quality services.

From a list of candidates, applicants are selected for the internship program at True Care and duties are assigned as per their qualification and expertise. We improve skills required in the field of psychology.  Through the tenure, interns can be able to understand their career opportunities in various fields.

Furthermore, we provide Counselling & Workshops for Students, Teachers, Parents & other associated persons. We also provide Pet Therapy as per the requirement. Feel free to contact us for counselling of any type of psychological issues. Our expert counselors deal with them in an exceptional way.

For any internship opportunity, send your resume to info@blog.truecarecounselling.com.

True care is all about enhancing the emotional and psychological well-being of all the individuals and institutions. Our mission is to help people in leading a 100% happy life.

Our Company is being run by a compassionate team with multi-years of experience in bringing mental and physical wellness in a person’s life by combining advance healthcare and clinical experience, True Care aims to enrich your life with essential skills that help you enhance the overall psychological wellness and thus inch you towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

True Care provides counseling and treatment for any kind of psychological issues. We are located in Noida and in addition our therapist provides counseling through video and audio calls. Clients can have private, secure and comfortable sessions.

Our customers and clients are free to schedule the appointment at any time of the day.

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