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The process of providing counselling services via the medium of chat, email or video conferencing is referred to as online counselling. Instead of having face- to- face meeting with the clients, psychologists used to provide services through the internet. Getting these services online has become more flexible as compared to meet in person.

You can start counselling as per your convenience. It is the best method to beat your stress in a convenient way; as it saves time and provides you with an ease of comfort. The potential customers and therapists for counselling can be connected with no difficulty online provided a reliable internet connection is there.

The service is also beneficial for the disabled and for those living in some rural areas and has difficulties to go to counselling centers.

We do also provide the service of online counselling at True Care where you can acquire the important tips and advises to lead a healthy and happy life. The service is helpful mainly for the people who have hectic schedule; by sitting at home or at office, he /she can easily avail the online services. If you are one of these, what are you waiting for then? Start utilizing the online counselling either by using video call or email or chat.  

We have discovered a better way to provide you the zone of comfort. Our counsellors and therapists are always available online to help you whenever pinged! Approach us as we are promising you will get a better life to live.

We are affordable, convenient and reliable. Feel free to contact us for any kind of counselling help whether it is relationship, individual, child care, health and wellness or legal services. You will be cared and supported at True Care; ask frankly any types of problems that you are facing that require counselling so that we can heal up them with our amazing services.

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