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Social anxiety is basically a dysfunctional behavior in which there is a fear of being judged and watched by individuals. There is dependably a sentiment of shyness in an individual suffering from the state of Social anxiety. An individual cannot be able to perform tasks like talking to new friends or individuals, speaking in public, eating before others, and many others.

If this state perseveres for quite a while, it can be dangerous and take the form of social anxiety disorder or social phobia. Before the things to get most noticeably awful, it be mulled over. For this, one may take the assistance of some instructor to deal the situation. This disease is curable, so because of any psychological counselor help, you can get rid of the situation without any hassle.


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Signs and symptoms through which an individual can realize that he is experiencing social anxiety disorder are:


  • Dread of circumstances in which you might be judged
  • Agonizing over humiliating yourself
  • Serious dread of communicating or chatting with outsiders
  • Dread of physical side effects that may cause you shame
  • Abstaining from getting things done or addressing everyone out of dread of shame
  • Keeping away from circumstances where you may be the main point of consideration
  • Bearing a social circumstance with extreme dread or tension


Along with the above, there lie some physical symptoms too like Dizziness, sweating, Muscular strain, blushing, Quick Heartbeat, etc.

In case, you are having such signs and symptoms and want to take a counselor help, feel free to contact us!

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