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Cognitive behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that aims to bring happiness by alleviating their problems. The therapy boosts happiness by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviour & thoughts. CBT focuses on solutions motivating patient to challenge distorted cognitions & altering destructive patterns of patient. 


How does cognitive therapy works?

Cognitive therapy is based on the premises, that our problems have started in the past, still maintained in the present. Here, the cognitive therapy is given to the patient by targeting the present. So, that people easily could learn to identify the current thought pattern that resulted in negative moods, counterproductive or self-sabotaging behaviour.  

Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral therapy is an efficient session that helps the patient to get rid of various complex mental issues. With Psychotherapy of CBT sessions, you will identify & cope with specific challenges. The therapy generally require fewer sessions to address emotional challenges & mental disorders.


  • Helps to cure mental illness.
  • Learn the techniques to cope up with stressful life situations.
  • Effective  ways to manage emotions.
  • Tackle relationship issues with better communication.
  • Easily cope up with grief.
  • Overcome emotional trauma related with abuse or violence.

 By addressing emotional challenges, CBT helps the user to counter mental disorder issues like:-


Anxiety Disorder


Sleeping Disorders

Eating Disorders



Sexual Disorders



What we do?

We are among the best counselling centres in Delhi NCR region. We ensure the well being of our patients. Our team comprises of experienced counsellors that serve their patients on various mental disorders. If you are suffering from any of these, do let our counsellor’s know. Get immediate assistance from us. 

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