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Group counseling is a method of therapy where people with similar experiences/issues come together with a professional therapist. The therapist carries out the session, but generally, everyone contributes in some way, listening to others and talking themselves.

Group therapy can be referred by your counselor, depending on what you’re dealing with. The idea of Group Counselling might make you nervous, but give it a go and you might find it helpful.

Group Counselling for Children:

Group therapy is very much effective for young children. Children of this age have a limited understanding of emotions and can often be very imbalanced and reactive. Guided interactions can increase emotional intelligence and improve social skills that are critical developmental goals for this age group.

If a child is struggling with anxiety, socialization, depression, or has recently experienced loss or change; he/she may benefit greatly from group therapy. This pattern of treatment is very effective in treating various problems and providing coping skills while also creating an environment that fosters peer relationships.

Children have an inbuilt ability to express themselves and resolve conflict through play, groups targeted at young children will incorporate various forms of play into the session. The sessions include stress busters and spontaneous play or structured play activities such as role-playing, drawing, or board games.

There are various types of group therapy. Some are more structured and are based around doing an activity or project together, team-building and even physical games. Some are more of a freeform, more like meetings where people have conversations about how they’re doing and listen to others.

Some are drop-in groups where you can attend if and when you need and some have a particular number of sessions.

Group counseling sessions for children, when conducted in a school, can tackle many issues at once. A number of students of similar ages, who are dealing with similar issues are grouped together to accomplish similar goals.

We provide group counseling for children above 3+ years of age. It increases their positive thinking and concentration power.

We feel proud to be a part of North Delhi MCD Schools Group Counselling panel for various Group Counselling Sessions and related events and the journey is on…

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